Woodry's Furniture, Inc. is a 103 year old, family owned business, established in 1916.

The first location was at 1605 Summer Street on the corner of Summer and Norway Streets in Northeast Salem Oregon, founded by FN (Francis Nathaniel) Woodry and his wife Madora. FN was a new and used furniture and appliance dealer, as well as an auctioneer.  In 1916 this location allowed him to utilize his talents in each of these areas, selling furniture and appliances in the store as well as auctioning these items and livestock on auction days.  He and his wife were both active in the business and the family home was conveniently located on the northeast corner across the street from the store.  It has been beautifully restored and is still there today.

FN and his wife had three children, two sons, Glenn and Don and a daughter, Nona.

One of their sons, Glenn Woodry continued on in the family business at the Summer Street location, naming it Glenn Woodry Furniture.  He later brought his son Jim Woodry into the business to successfully carry on at that location, along with his wife Beverly.

Their other son Don Woodry opened a separate location, Woodry Furniture Company in the 1930's.  This store was located at 474 Commercial Street Southeast in Salem, just north of Bellevue Street, the current location of the Salem Civic Center property.

Within a short period of time he brought his brother-in-law Percy Meier into the business and they formed one of the largest furniture, appliance, carpet and hard surface flooring store in Oregon at that time in the 1950's and 1960's, employing as many as 35 people in the 100,000 square foot show space.

In addition to this, in the 1950's, Percy Meier purchased the current building at 515 Commercial Street SE, Salem (diagonal from the 474 Commercial Street location), as a used furniture outlet allowing trade-ins on new furniture purchases.  Percy brought his brother, Glenn Meier in to manage the used store, Woodry's Thrifty Furniture.

In 1969, Woodry's Thrifty Furniture discontinued selling used furniture and has sold only new furniture since then, under the updated name Woodry's Furniture.

Percy's son Roger (grandson to FN Woodry) started in the furniture business, working both at the 474 and 515 Commercial Street locations, working after school and summers, starting in 1960 as a laborer. Continuing to work in the Woodry family business from that time on, Roger acquired ownership in 1980 and is still working today, with 59 years experience in the furniture business.

There have been many other family members that have participated in the Woodry's Furniture legacy, during the 103 years of successful business in Salem.

We are proud to be one of Salem's oldest operating businesses, and the oldest furniture name in Salem, Oregon.